Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation? 

Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM.

Do I need an appointment? 

Most of the time, yes.  On occasion we handle drop-ins as the schedule allows.

What is your phone number?


At what time can I drop off my car?

To accommodate all schedules, it is possible to drop your vehicle off before or after our hours of operation.  We have a key drop box next to the front door.  Simply fill out the key envelope and drop the keys through the mail slot.  Otherwise, if you personally drop the vehicle off, between 8:00 and 9:00 AM is a good time.

What kind of vehicles do you service? 

Although Asian Imports are our specialty, we do most maintenance and repair on a wide variety of makes.  Certain repairs have to be referred to other shops, if so we notify you as soon as possible.

Do you do oil changes?

Yes we do!  We do it as part of a mini service that includes a number of inspections and services as well as keeping abreast of your vehicles needs.

What kind of payments do you accept? 

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Cards, Cash and Personal Checks.

Can I provide my own parts?

No. We want to be able to warranty all work involved, including the parts. All repairs done come with 1 year / 12,000 mile warranty.

Are you able to work on my Prius?

Yes! We are able to service and repair all types of hybrid electrical vehicles.

AC Machine

Air Conditioning

Do you do A/C work? 


My vehicle has the old R12 A/C refrigerant will I need to convert it to the new R134 refrigerant? 

It is possible to convert some older vehicles to R134. Other vehicles it is not possible. Come by the shop and we will advise you on the possibility of converting your vehicle to R134. 

Why does my air conditioner keep blowing hot air? 

Finding and repairing leaks on automotive A/C systems can be one of the most challenging repairs we do.  The A/C charge is an invisible gas and sometimes leaks are very difficult to find.  With electronic detector and A/C dye it becomes easier but still a challenge.


Genuine Coolant

Will I void my Factory warranty if anyone other than the dealer services my new car? 

This policy was challenged in California court and the ruling was in favor of the consumer.  Just keep copies of all invoices pertaining to the service required.  The maintenance book was given to you when you bought the car.  If the consumer does his/her own work, keep all parts invoices. 

Can you do factory warranty work? 

No, only a selling dealer, (a dealer that sells that particular make) can do warranty work. 


Can you handle my extended warranty? 

Genuine ATF

Yes, in most cases.  Most extended warranties are separate insurance companies.  We can and do deal with most of them.  Some of the factory sponsored extended warranties only allow selling dealers to do the work.  We need the service contract to look into it.  We do charge $25 to facilitate the paperwork.  We accept payment generally from them directly, and charge you the deductible along with whatever they don’t pay. 

Are you certified with certain manufacturers? 

No, there is no certification available, that I know of, to independent repair shops.

smog machine

Check Engine Lights

My car has a check engine light, what does that mean?

Ok, here we go!  The check engine lamp started in the early 80’s with the advent of computer controlled vehicles.  The lamp was/is used to notify the owner that there is a computer related malfunction.  The color of the lamp is amber. 

GM started calling their Check Engine Light, Service Engine Soon.  Some makes have a little amber picture of an engine while other makes have a picture of an engine with Check Engine underneath.

All lamps mean the same thing; a malfunction in the electronics/emissions, or possibly (but less likely) a problem with the mechanicals of the engine/transmission.  There are literally hundreds of systems monitored by the computers and have the potential of turning the check engine lamp on. 

When the lamp comes on, there is no way of knowing how serious the problem is without scanning the computer with a scan tool and going from there.  The computer will store trouble codes most of the time that tell why the lamp came on.  The computer does not tell us specifically what part failed.  There has to be a detailed troubleshooting procedure to tell that.  There are thousands of government mandated and manufacturer specific codes. 

What if I ignore the Check Engine Lamp and keep driving?

We don’t recommend driving a car indefinitely with the lamp on.  For one thing, getting used to a warning lamp on can lead to ignoring other warning lamps. Also, the problem can be serious enough to cause serious damage to the engine or catalytic converter. If there is another problem in the system, you would not know because the lamp is already on.  In addition, the vehicle will fail a smog inspection because the lamp is on.

We are located on the corner of East Ridgecrest Blvd. and Gateway, next to the Minit shop.